Here’s How We Simplify Production

Effortless acceleration and consolidation for all workloads, comprehensive data protection, and ready for multi-cloud environments – that’s Pure.

Pure Simplifies Everything

See how we’ve engineered simplicity into the heart of Pure Data-Centric Architecture..

Accelerate, Consolidate, Automate

Pure Data-Centric Architecture brings the next-gen power of shared accelerated storage to your data center.


100% NVMe DirectFlash™ enables full performance for Tier 1 apps like SQL, Oracle, and SAP,  while making NVMe affordable for all workloads.

Learn now to Eliminate Storage Bottlenecks for Advanced Apps & High Performance Computing


Simplify infrastructure with DirectFlash-enabled density. Put all your business workloads on flash – Pure’s data reduction, QoS, and 6-9s mean safe and cost-effective consolidation. Save not just racks, but rows of data center space.

The primary flash array market is evolving to handle cloud scale and agility.


Out-of-the box, complete automation with VMware, Microsoft, and Open Source clouds, plus open APIs for integration with everything – including the latest container-based platforms.

Integrating Flash into the cloud

Enable Rapid Restore

Backup and recover on all-flash to meet service levels and eliminate SLA penalties. Recover up to 10X faster while eliminating 30-50% of your backup infrastructure.


Own your data and rent the cloud. Enable hybrid and multi-cloud workloads and protection workflows. Portable snapshots mean you can have your data where you want it, when you want it.


Run seamlessly between two datacenters with RPO & RTO zero, even across metro regions. Add an async 3rd site for global DR protection. With Pure Data-Centric Architecture, business continuity is built-in.

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“It helped us solve the problem of scale.”
Neil Pinto, Senior Director
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“We can now focus on more value- adding technology, platform programs and other components that will make a real difference.”
Brett Johnstone, CIO
Maurice Blackburn
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“The three words I’d use to describe Pure Storage arrays are; simple, reliable and fast.”
Steve Young, CTO
Judson ISD

Gartner names Pure Storage a Leader in the 2018 Magic Quadrant Solid-State Arrays 5 Years in a Row

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