Service providers require storage that can drive differentiation in hosted and managed services, increase agility, and enhance the customer experience.


How do you build differentiated cloud services – for VMware, VDI, SAP, SQL Server, Oracle, analytics, AI, and more – in an intensely competitive space? With Pure’s industry-leading data reduction, next-gen 100% NVMe architecture, effortless data portability, and Evergreen ownership model. No one else comes close.

Increase Competitiveness

Accelerate growth with consistent all-flash low-latency, NVMe, and ActiveCluster. Modernize with industry-leading data reduction and security. Eliminate data silos with FlashBlade’s data hub. And benefit from joint GTM and strategic initiatives for our Service Provider partners.


Exceed SLAs, simplify self-service, and expand data services without extra cost. Streamline VMware with deep integration & VVols, Pure1® full-stack monitoring, container orchestration with Pure Service Orchestrator, and PaaS via RedHat OpenShift integration.

Business Predictability

Say goodbye to forklift upgrades! Evergreen Storage keeps storage modern by delivering Pure innovations without disruption, downtime, or performance impact. Operate worry-free with guaranteed effective capacity, FlashArray 99.9999% availability, storage on demand, and QoS.


MacStadium leverages Pure to provide a scalable, enterprise-grade private cloud hosting solution for thousands of iOS software developers. With Pure, MacStadium has eliminated downtime for its dedicated and virtualized customers in over 50 countries. See how they do it.

Our Customers Put Us in the Top 1%

The comprehensive simplicity of our products and our undying commitment to customer satisfaction have generated many loyal fans. With a Satmetrix-validated 2018 NPS score of 86.6, we’re in the top 1% of businesses in customer satisfaction.

ure Storage's 2017 Satmetrix-Validated NPS Score is 83.7 ure Storage's 2017 Satmetrix-Validated NPS Score is 83.7

Optimize your VMware Cloud

Take your VMware Cloud to the next level: exceed SLAs at scale, automate self-service, and expand your menu of data services. Pure Data-Centric Architecture enables MSPs to differentiate their offerings by fully leveraging VMware’s extensive virtualization and management portfolio.

Simplify Your Orchestration –
And Satisfy Your DevOps

Pure powers OpenStack

Pure Storage provides API-first, highly extensible storage solutions that deliver easy orchestration and effortless scale – in addition to the seamless integrations needed to drive your OpenStack Cloud. Increase efficiencies, simplify DevOps, and enhance SLAs.

Move into Platform-as-a-Service

Pure Storage and RedHat OpenShift have partnered to offer a simple, powerful PaaS reference architecture – delivering a production-ready foundation that simplifies deployments and provides a stable, highly-available platform for developer apps.

Power Your Containers

Deliver enterprise-grade, persistent storage-as-a-service for containers with Pure’s all-flash speed, enterprise-proven reliability, and advanced data services. Pre-built, seamless integration with Docker, Kubernetes, and more will drive your CI/CD pipeline and empower your developers.

Pure OPEX,

MSPs can now leverage Pure solutions, on demand, via Pure Evergreen Storage Service (ES2). With terms as low as 12 months, Pure ES2 delivers a storage service that is far more flexible than leasing, and far simpler – allowing you to increase predictability while reducing risk.
* Subject to minimum commitment.


Partner with technology experts who help customers understand how to solve business problems to accelerate your profitability and growth. Use the Pure Partner portal for demand generation, sales tools, and training and certification – or check out the available incentives and market development funds.

Pure's Partner Program for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) Pure's Partner Program for Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Hear from the experts

We think the industry-leading design, management, and technology of Pure solutions are a competitive differentiator for hybrid and multi-cloud services, and a panel of distinguished service providers agrees.

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“As a storage provider, the benefits of Pure Storage are undeniable: user-friendliness, efficiency and performance, energy consumption savings and rack space gains.”
Jean-Baptiste Baraban, Senior Manager of ICT
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“Linking a new virtual storage volume to a server is just a matter of a few mouse clicks. We can have a new server ready for operation within 20 seconds.”
Eduard Vrieling, Owner and CTO
Accent Automatisering
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“I think of Pure Storage as the iPhone of storage... installation is almost plug-and-play. The true differentiating element is the simplicity of operation.”
Mathieu Dottin, Technical Director

Gartner names Pure Storage a Leader in the 2018 Magic Quadrant Solid-State Arrays 5 Years in a Row

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