Transformational Government Solutions

In today’s world, data is very much a strategic asset for businesses and governments alike. To succeed and modernize, government agencies need data-centric strategies. It’s time to re-think IT Infrastructure from the bottom up.

Pure Storage Delivers Efficiency, Simplicity, and Security

Accelerate your mission-critical apps, eliminate data silos, and shed the complexity of legacy infrastructures.

Cloud-Like – but On-Prem

With Evergreen™ Storage, Pure gives you a subscription-based storage experience that gets better with age. Buy storage once, and upgrade as needed, with no disruptions.

Radical Simplicity

Government IT that runs with effortless simplicity, freeing up already constrained resources to focus on more important tasks that better serve constituents.

All-Inclusive Security

With FIPS 140-2 validated AES-256 data at rest encryption (the U.S. government’s highest security standard) and Rapid Data Lock technology, sensitive data remains private and secure.

Pure Powers Government Solutions

The future of government IT is powered by Pure. We’re delivering industry-leading solutions for organizations of all sizes. See how we do it.

Modernizing Government IT

Data is the new currency – and government has a lot of it. Chances are, your infrastructure is holding you back. Take the first step in building a truly data-centric architecture that’s not only enterprise-grade, consolidated, and simple, but delivers real-time insight with the speed of all-flash.

Learn How to Modernize Government Storage for the Cloud Era

Analytics & AI in Government

The journey toward AI is often stalled by complex infrastructure and legacy government solutions. AIRI delivers a complete software stack, getting you up and running in a few hours, rather than weeks or months.

Learn More About Analytics and AI Solutions for Government

Safer, Smarter Cities Through Data

Help turn your city into a Smart and Safe City by activating the data you collect to improve public safety. Pure is partnering with technology leaders to deliver a full solution that takes you from data collection to actionable insight – shaving off critical minutes to insight and saving lives.

Use Data to Turn Your City Into a Smart and Safe City

How AI Can Transform Safety For Smart Cities

In this webinar find out what governments need to do to build an AI-ready infrastructure that can scale to help agencies turn data into actionable intelligence, future-proof infrastructure, and improve physical and cybersecurity.

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Information on Pure’s industry-leading technology and products and their applications for federal, state, and local government agencies.