AI Driven Storage Management

Get full-stack analytics and the AI-driven power of Pure1 Meta™—the global predictive intelligence making self-driving storage possible. Plus, now analyze and assess end-to-end VM workload performance issues with Pure1® VM Analytics. Get a view of your virtual machines you’ve never seen before.

Get Predictive Data Storage Intelligence

Performance forecasting is now a reality – and an industry-first. Pure1 Meta™ eliminates guesswork – allowing you to predict capacity and performance needs over time, and also model your workload consolidation and hardware upgrades. With that kind of insight, you’re eliminating risk and driving efficiency with intelligent consolidation.

Manage Cloud Data Storage from Anywhere

Full Stack Analytics Delivers Unprecedented Visibility

Get more than detailed metrics on all your arrays – get critical information about the health and functioning of your entire stack, right up to each VM. Monitoring and troubleshooting has never been easier for any fleet size. Set up and start analyzing within minutes.

Get Storage Management Support That’s Above and Beyond

Pure1® is like getting a highly-skilled IT team that you didn’t have to hire. It is continuously monitoring your cloud-connected array and using the predictive analytics of Pure1 Meta™ to proactively resolve issues before they become problems – or contacting you with array status and handling upgrades. Pure1® has your back.

The Power and Reach of Meta Storage Performance Data

The foundation of Pure1® services, Pure1 Meta™ is global intelligence built from a massive collection of storage array health and performance data. By continuously scanning call-home telemetry from Pure’s installed base, Pure1 Meta™ uses machine learning predictive analytics to help resolve potential issues and optimize your workloads.

Comprehensive Data Storage Management

Pure1 Mobile Application for Complete Visibility

Pure1® is available as a native mobile app for both iOS and Android. Launch the app, login, and you’ve got complete visibility over your array and any support cases. Now you can switch back to email, because your phone will let you know if there’s any storage issue that needs your attention. But don’t hold your breath.

Data Storage Management Easier Than Email